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Before we discuss who we are, let us first start off by letting you know who we are not.  We are not your run of the mill happy go lucky website providing you generic information that can be easily found in a dictionary.  We are not a disguised deadbeat dad bashing organization, nor are we a child support collection agency.      

Where Is My Child Support is an interactive Blog created for the people by the people.  We created this site with the intention of providing an impartial forum for: custodial, non-custodial, guardians, care-takers, foster parents, grand-parents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, deadbeat dads, trifling mothers, upset tax-payers, and bloggers alike to express their self interactively, visually, or artistically.  But; moreover, we created this site with the intention of being your number one resource investigative tool on the subject of child support.  

Let’s face it child support is a subject that affects everyone indirectly or directly.  Whether you have a child, or you know someone with a child we are pretty sure you have an opinion on this hot topic like most people.  Once again, we would like to make it crystal clear this site is not about bashing deadbeat fathers.  With that said, we are definitely not opposed to you utilizing this site to discuss your views on: deadbeat dads, supportive fathers, trifling mothers, single mothers, and the child support system with the purpose of helping others who may be going through what you have gone through or currently going through. 

You may not use this site to: promote mean and malicious views, slander anyone or an organization, promote racism, promote discrimination, promote prejudice against any race, promote prejudice against any culture, and promote prejudice against anyone’s sexual orientation. 

You may use that site: to express yourself, voice your opinion, provide helpful advice, receive advice, refer friends and family, and become a subject matter expert. 









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